Cookies Policy

TELENUMBERS LTD (“Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) uses cookies (“Cookies”) on the website (“Website”), when the users (“User”, “You”, “Your”) visit it.

This Policy explains what Cookies are, and why and how they are used on this Website.

What Cookies Are

Cookies are small text files placed and saved on the User’s computer or mobile or other usable device in order to make this Website operate more efficiently and in accordance with the User’s preferences.

Why and How We Use Cookies

Cookie files help us to provide our Website operation, customized functionality, and improved and safe usability. Due to cookies we may record our users browsing activity, verify our users accounts to prevent fraudulent use, ensure the safety and security, provide mailings, analytics, research, monitor statistics data, adhere to your preferences.

Cookies are used to memorize the User’s choice of cookies on this Website to recognize him or her during next visits and customize the use and search. E.g., if the User indicates his/her preference, this preference will be stored in an appropriate Cookie file (the cookie name: civicCookieControl)

In order to improve our Website use and collect information on how you use our Website, what pages are used and other similar usage data, we can use Google Analytics (example of the cookie name: _ga, etc.)

We may use first party cookies and third party cookies, so that our User can log in to our Website services, memorize preferences and settings, keep the User’s account safe and protected, promote our services, etc.

Cookie files that we can use and apply on our Website are as follows:

  • Session cookies (Temporary or Transient cookie)

Session cookies are erased when the User closes the web browser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory of the device. It is not kept after the browser is closed and it does not collect the data from the User’s device. Therefore, when you restart your browser and return to the used website that made such cookie, this website will not remember or recognise you.

  • Persistent cookies (Permanent or Stored cookie)

Persistent cookie is stored on your device hard drive, in your browser's subfolders until it expires based on the duration period contained within the persistent cookie's file or until you delete it manually. These cookies are used to collect and store the User’s identifying data (e.g., searching behavior, preferences, etc.)

  • First Party and Third Party cookies

First party cookie is a cookie created by a website you visit. Third party cookie is set by a website other than a website you visit.

E.g., Google Analytics cookies set on this website are third party cookies which measure how many users visit our Website. On our Website we may also use the Social Media buttons, which navigate you to the appropriate social network.

Please, note that third party cookies set by third party websites are governed by their own cookie policies, not covered by our Cookies Policy and thus being beyond our responsibility.

Choice of Cookies

When you access our Website, we will advise you to enable or disable the Cookies we use. You may accept or refuse them. Our Cookies make your use of our Website more convenient and optimized, however if you do not agree with our Cookies use, you may disable or delete them in your browser. You can also change the settings of Cookies. To this extent, you may visit the website for further guidance on how to manage Cookies.   

Should you have any questions regarding this Cookies Policy, please contact us at: