What Is The Best App To Get Free Money

Everybody loves to get free money, but not everyone knows how to earn some in their free time. We are going to help you with that by giving you a list of options to help you find the best app for free money that suits your needs.

Is It Possible To Make Free Money Online?

The first question that many ask themselves is if it is even possible to make free money online. The answer is a resounding YES! You absolutely can make free money online using apps. In this article we are going to list some of the best apps that earn you money, and show you the variety of ways to make money through apps. Hopefully this list will point you in the direction of the best money earning app for you and your lifestyle.

Our Criteria For What Is The Best App To Get Free Money

For each of the apps we have listed in this article, we have tested them to the best of our ability as well as read through the opinions of users across the internet. We have chosen these top extra money apps based on how they performed in each category, ease of use, and general user sentiment.

Some of the best ways to protect yourself include:

  • Checking out user reviews on app stores and other trusted places on the internet.
  • Make sure the app does not ask for permissions that it does not need. If it seems suspicious, investigate further.
  • Look at the number of downloads an app has. The more downloads it has without a lot of bad reviews, the more likely it is that the app is legit.
  • Using Anti-malware software is an option that Android users can take advantage of. However, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to stick to our list of the best cash earning apps below!

  • 10 Best Apps To Earn Free Money

    1. Cash4sms - Best App For Making Money With SMS Messages

    Cash4sms is a unique app for making money because it requires very little interaction from the users. The way Cash4sms works is by sending you SMS messages that companies use for testing their networks and infrastructure. You do not have to interact or respond, you just earn money by receiving text messages, or by selling your unused sent SMS messages. The lack of required interactivity also makes Cash4sms one of the best cashback apps in general too.

    Cash4sms (Android)


    1. Easy To Use - As long as your phone has an active internet connection, all you need to do is set up the app and then just sit back and earn money by receiving SMS.

    2. Available Almost Everywhere - Cash4sms is one of the few apps that let you make money by receiving text messages that is available in almost every country in the world.


    Not Guaranteed To Receive Incoming SMS - Cash4sms attempts to give everyone an opportunity to receive text messages and get paid, in some countries the app is not available.

    Platform: Android
    Earnings: 0,5-3 Eurocents cents per message

    2. Swagbucks - Best App For Making Money With Surveys

    When it comes to taking surveys and earning money on the internet, Swagbucks has long been the gold standard. Sawgbucks offers you surveys based off of your personal profile along with other tasks that you can do for making extra cash. Swagbucks has long had a reputation as one of the best free cash apps on the internet.

    Source: Swagbucks


    1. Good Reputation - Swagbucks has been around for over a decade and has a great reputation among users.

    2. Save With Offers - Swagbucks also has offers that you can sign up for that save you money.


    Cannot Redeem For Cash - Swagpoints are redeemed for gift cards or coupons. No option for redeeming for cash.

    Platform: Android, iOS, Web
    Earnings: $5-15 a month on averageD

    3. Whatnot - Best App For Experienced Sellers

    Whatnot has blown up fast into one of the best cash earning apps on the internet. Whatnot is used to sell your items including collectables, clothing, and more. The app works like a combination of eBay and TikTok or Instagram Live, letting you sell items both as a normal listing or by featuring them on a live stream.

    Source: Whatnot


    1. Low Seller Fees - Whatnot has lower selling fees and commissions than eBay.

    2. Interact with Buyers - The live streams allow you to directly interact with potential buyers, which means you can use salesmanship to convince buyers to buy.


    1. Long Seller Approval Process - Whatnot can take up to 2 weeks to approve new sellers.

    2. High Seller Requirements for Approval - Whatnot prefers sellers with a strong inventory, a social media following, a great selling history, and a good community reputation.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: $1-$6000

    4. OfferUp - Best App For Local Sales

    OfferUp is another way to turn your unwanted items into extra cash. You can sell pretty much anything you want to in your local area. The app is great for selling larger items and things you do not want to ship, and it is incredibly easy to sign up for and use.

    Source: OfferUp


    1. Easy To Sell - All you need to do is download the app, sign up, and start selling.

    2. No Fees For Most Transactions - Most items have no fee to sell, however you can pay for premium services and shipped items have a service fee.


    1. Mostly Local - Local sales have no fees, and so you are limited to your general area for selling with the most profit.

    2. High Seller Requirements for Approval - Whatnot prefers sellers with a strong inventory, a social media following, a great selling history, and a good community reputation.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: However much you can earn

    5. Ibotta - Best App For Shopping Rebates

    Ibotta is incredibly popular and considered by many to be the best app for cash back on your grocery and other shopping purchases. The app lets you link your store loyalty cards or scan receipts in order to get rebates on products you purchased.

    Source: Ibotta


    1. Easy To Cash Out - Get your money through PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards.

    2. Earn Buying Top Brands - You can earn while buying popular items from top brands.


    1. Limited To Certain Items - Ibotta has a list of items that you can buy and get money back for. These might not be your items of choice.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: Varies by purchases

    6. TaskRabbit - Best App To Earn Money Doing Odd Jobs

    TaskRabbit is the best money earning app for those who are looking to make money doing tasks in your local area. Users post jobs they need done and you can respond and do the gig for them.

    Source: TaskRabbit


    1. No Fees per Gig - You pay a $25 registration fee to become a Tasker. After that, all fees are charged to clients requesting services only.

    2. High Earning Potential - If you have a skill, you can make a lot of money on the app.


    1. Comfort and Safety - Not everyone feels comfortable or safe going into other people’s homes.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: up to $200/hr

    7. Lyft - Best Money Earning App For Drivers

    Lyft is one of the best apps to make money on for those who like to drive. In comparison to the competition, Lyft pays well and has a great customer base. Lyft is simple, you pick up riders and take them to their destination.

    Source: Lyft


    1. Easy to get Started - Sign up and provide them with your car, insurance, and license info.

    2. Your Own Schedule - Make money when you want.


    1. Need To Own A Car - You need to have a car to use Lyft as a driver.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: up to $200 a day

    8. Upwork - Best App For Freelancers

    Upwork is a great gig app for freelance workers. You can find gigs available as a writer, graphic designer, web developer, and more. You can sign up for gigs and get paid through the app, helping you reduce the risk of getting ripped off by clients.

    Source: Upwork


    1. Make Money Doing What You Love - Put your skills to use and make money.


    1. Competitive - You have to compete for jobs with other workers, which might mean lower rates.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: $2000+ a month

    9. Acorns - Best App For Savings

    Acorns lets you invest small amounts of money or put it into a savings account. One of the ways to earn money is with the free $10 on sign up, that you can then use to earn money or put away for a rainy day. They help you track finances, and plan an investment strategy that suits you.

    Source: Acorns


    1. Round up and earn- Acorns lets you round up your purchases and put the change to investments or savings.

    2. Set portfolios - They have 5 investment portfolios to choose from, letting you choose without too much decision making.


    1. Monthly Fee - Acorns has 3 tiers of monthly fees starting at $3 a month, meaning there is a required output of funds.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: a few dollars a month

    10. Foap - Best App For Free Money For Shutterbugs

    Foap is the best app for cash for people who take a lot of pictures. You can take the pictures you take on a daily basis, and post them on Foap for brands and marketers to purchase. They also offer missions that you can take part in to make money by fulfilling specific requests and being chosen as a winner.

    Source: Foap


    1. Turn a Hobby Into Money - Take your hobby of capturing great photos and turn it into extra cash.


    1. Need A Deep Portfolio To Make The Most Money - You need to have a lot of photos in your portfolio to increase the likelihood of one being chosen for purchase.

    Platform: Android, iOS
    Earnings: $5 a photo


    In this article, we sought to answer the question of what is the best app to get free money. Hopefully we answered this question for you and you found ways to make money through apps that fit your lifestyle and habits. Trying out a few of these apps together can help you put some extra money in your bank account easily.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you make money with an app?

    There are many apps out there that give you the ability to make money. Some let you make money passively, and others let you use your skills or sell items.

    What are the best apps to make money?

    The best apps to make money will vary depending on your needs and habits. One of our favorites is Cash4sms, because nearly everyone can use it to make money passively by receiving SMS messages.

    What apps actually give you money?

    There are many apps that will give you actual money. Some of them require you to offer use of your skills or sell items, and others give you money back for items you buy. Other apps are passive like Cash4sms, which lets you earn money by receiving SMS messages or selling your unused SMS messages.

    How to make extra money from your phone with Cash4sms?

    Cash4sms lets you make extra money by receiving SMS messages that services use to make sure their services are functioning. You can also use Cash4sms to sell the unused SMS messages on your mobile plan.