Earn Money By Receiving Text Messages: 3 Best Apps

Have you ever wished you could make money with very little to no effort at all? Of course you have! What if you could earn money for receiving text messages to your phone? Luckily, that is now possible. In this article, we are going to show you the best ways to make money by getting text messages as we examine the top 3 apps available.

How Is It Possible To Get Paid For Receiving Text Messages

Online businesses and services all over the world use SMS messages to communicate information to their users. These services have to be constantly running and stable, which means they need to be tested regularly to ensure that they are functioning reliably. To do this, they have to send test SMS messages to numbers and see that they are being received.

Because of this need for testing, you can get paid for receiving text messages on your cell phone. Companies will send you SMS messages that you will not even need to read. All you need to do is receive SMS and earn money passively. Some apps even let you sell your unused SMS messages. These apps give you a great opportunity to put some extra money in your pocket.

Are These Apps To Earn Money By Receiving SMS Legit?

Obviously, an opportunity to make money by receiving text messages sounds too good to be true at first. It is important to be skeptical of anything that makes big promises to make you money on the internet, especially if they want you to install an app or program onto your phone. There are a lot of scams and malware out there looking to take advantage of people who are looking for an opportunity. Here are a few things you should check before installing an app:

Reviews - One of the first, and easiest, items for you to check when evaluating the legitimacy of an app is to look up reviews of it on the internet. Look on the app store you find the app on, or if it isn’t on the app store look at reviews on other websites. See what people are saying, look up the history of the company, and look for red flags. Red flags may include people saying that the app is malicious, dangerous, or that they were hacked soon after downloading.

Use An Anti-Malware Solution (Android) - Android users can download anti-malware scanners that look for suspicious activity and files.

Look at the Permissions - Make sure that the app doesn't ask for permissions that are not needed. Obviously, apps to earn money by receiving text messages will often need permission to read SMS messages. But, if they are seeking permissions that seem suspicious you should investigate further.

Check The Downloads - See the number of downloads the app has. The more downloads it has without a lot of bad reviews, the more likely the app is to be legit.

To make things easier, all of the apps we are recommending in the next section are legit and safe. You can make money from SMS receiving and be in safe hands with each of these options.

3 Best Apps To Earn Money By Receiving SMS

Now that we know that it is possible to make money by getting text messages, what are the best apps to use? We are going to take a look at the 3 best apps to earn money by receiving SMS, and give some of the pros and cons for each one to equip you to choose the right app for you.

1. Cash4sms (Android)

Cash4sms lets you earn money by receiving SMS without investment. With Cash4sms you get paid 2 Eurocents per each SMS you receive, and get your payout through PayPal the first week of the next month. You can also make more money by selling unused SMS messages in your mobile plan and letting Cash4sms send messages, this pays from 0,5 to 3 Eurocents.

Cash4sms (Android)


Easy To Use - As long as your phone has an active internet connection, all you need to do is set up the app and then just sit back and earn money by receiving SMS.

Best BirdChain Alternative - Birdchain is a blockchain based app that lets users sell unused SMS. Cash4sms also lets you make money on your unused SMS, but it lets you collect money with direct cash earnings through Paypal instead of only earning cryptocurrency with Birdchain. Cash4sms is also available in more countries than Birdchain.

Available Almost Anywhere In The World - There are many apps that let you get paid to receive text messages that are only available in a limited number of countries. Cash4sms lets you make money receiving text messages from almost any location in the world.


Incoming SMS Not Guaranteed - While Cash4sms tries to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get paid for receiving text messages, sometimes incoming SMS are not going to come in on a regular basis.

App Does Not Work For Everyone - Cash4sms makes every effort to be as accessible as possible, but not everyone will be able to benefit from the app. In some countries the app may not be available. For Outgoing SMS, if your carrier charges more than 0,5 Eurocents for SMS sent to other countries, the services will not be appropriate for you.

Cash4sms is our top pick because it stands out as unique among other apps that let you make money receiving text messages. The ability to make money selling unused SMS, and its simplicity to use, are unmatched by the competition.

Platform: Android
Earnings: 0,5-3 Eurocents cents per message

2. Ispyplates (Android, iOS, Others)

Ispyplates is a little different from the other apps on this list due to the types of texts you will receive. While you still earn money by receiving SMS messages, instead of getting test messages from providers you will receive marketing texts from companies. You can choose to interact with these deals, offers, and messages; but you do not have to in order to earn money. They do not say how much money you earn per text, though some users have reported earning $100-1000 USD a month.

Ispyplates (Android, iOS, Others)
Source: Ispyplates


Make Money While Saving Money - Some of the texts you will receive might offer deals and discounts from marketing partners. Ispyplats lets you receive SMS and earn money, while also taking advantage of these marketing promotions if you choose to.

Available on More Platforms - Due to the type of text messages received, the service is available on more than just Android. You sign up on the website and start receiving messages.

Referral Program - You can refer friends and get paid for their texts too.


No Rate Transparency - We don’t know how much you will get paid per text message.

Marketing Data - If you do not like giving your information to marketers, or getting a lot of marketing texts, this might not be the choice for you.

Ispyplates is more similar to sites that pay you to take surveys or receive marketing information, but it lets you earn by getting text messages instead. If you do not mind the marketing texts, and not knowing how much you will be paid, it could be worth a try.

Platform: Android, iOS, others.
Earnings: unknown, but reported at $100-1000 USD

3. Money SMS (Android)

MoneySMS is a similar service to Cash4sms, but only allows you to earn money by receiving text messages. Money SMS app is operated by a German company known as TelQ, and they specialize in SMS testing for service providers and telecom networks. Each message pays 0,02 Euros, and they have a referral program to help you make more money.

MoneySMS (Android)
Source: MoneySMS


Referral Program - If you get others to sign up with your referral code, you can make 30% of the earnings they withdraw.

Low Payout Threshold - Requires only 2 Euro in earnings to request a payout.


Limited Availability - Money SMS app is not available in the UK or US. It is currently only available in some areas of Europe and Asia.

Low Number of Messages - The Money SMS app does not send as many SMS messages as other apps, which can make it slower to earn money with.

Money SMS is a decent app to get paid to receive text messages, if you live in areas where it can be used. While the payout can be slow to earn, if you have a big network and can spread your referral code around you can make the most of it.

Platform: Android.
Earnings: 0,02 Euros per message


As you can see, it is quite possible to earn money by receiving SMS without investment. In fact, the apps featured in this article require almost no interaction at all on the part of the user. You can just sit back and make money by getting SMS or selling your unused sent SMS every month.

All things considered, our #1 recommendation is Cash4sms, which is one of the best cashback apps and best SMS money making apps on the market. Easy to use and easy to earn cash from, Cash4sms will help put a little extra money in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn money by receiving SMS without investment?

Yes! Apps such as Cash4sms let you make money by getting SMS from service providers and telecoms who need to test the reliability of their systems. You make money by just getting text messages and do not need to interact with them.

Why is it possible to receive SMS and earn money?

The reason you can earn money for receiving text messages is that SMS services and Telecom companies need to test the reliability of their services. They send you messages that they can confirm were received so they can ensure the systems are operating reliably.

How do you get paid for receiving text messages?

By signing up for a service such as Cash4sms, services will send you text messages that you earn money for receiving. Once you reach a payout threshold, you can cash out via paypal or other services.

What is the best McMoney alternative?

Cash4sms is the best McMoney alternative on the market. Cash4sms lets you make money for receiving SMS, as well as selling your unused SMS messages. By offering more ways to earn, Cash4sms positions itself as a solid alternative to McMoney.