Best Birdchain Alternative in 2023: Cash4SMS App

Reward apps are dime a dozen. Some offer discounts when buying goods from affiliated merchants, some give users points for performing certain routine activities, and some bundle existing royalty programs and market them to audiences that might otherwise have no interest in them. However, there’s also the rare breed of reward apps that try to bring something new to the tablet, and both Birdchain and Cash4SMS are among them.

What Is Birdchain App?

You can think of Birdchain as a Blockchain-based reward app for the advertisement and A2P SMS industries.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum (on which Birdchain is based), and it provides security, reliability, and scalability. Like so many other Blockchain projects, Birdchain has its own cryptocurrency tokens, called Bird or Birdcoins.

The Bird tokens are used to reward the users of the Birdchain app for completing daily activities (such as reading a post and giving feedback) and selling their unused SMS messages. The goal is to reward users for things they already do every single day and make it feel like they’re earning free money.

Birdchain, your reward app

It’s up to the users of the Birdchain app to decide just how many activities they want to complete and how many SMS messages they want to sell, making Bird one of the most accessible ways how to earn cryptocurrency.

What Is Cash4SMS App?

Cash4SMS is a single-purpose cash reward app for selling unused SMS messages. Its developers realized that more and more smartphone users end each month with unused SMS messages because they communicate with friends, family, and colleagues mostly using various instant messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

For some users, Cash4SMS is an easy way how to turn an expensive mobile plan into an affordable one. Many mobile carriers are more than happy to include hundreds or thousands of free SMS messages in their plans, but they include unlimited mobile data only in their most expensive plans. With Cash4SMS, you can pick the most expensive plan and simply sell the SMS messages included in it to reduce its price by as much as 40 euros.

Birdchain Versus Cash4SMS: Which Reward App Should I Use?

Since both Birdchain and Cash4SMS offer rewards in exchange for your unused SMS messages, you should pick just one and stick with it instead of spreading yourself thin. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between Birdchain and Cash4SMS to determine which of them is better.


By far the biggest difference between the two reward apps is the fact that Birdchain has created a Blockchain-based ecosystem, while Cash4SMS is a relatively straightforward SMS reward app that doesn’t use any cryptocurrency.

In this ecosystem, users can earn Bird tokens (not real money!) for selling unused SMS messages and participating in various activities, and advertisers can use the same tokens to advertise their products and services to Bird users.

Birdchain creators hope that the more people start using the app, the higher the Birdchain price will be. However, you probably won’t like the fact that nearly half of all Bird tokens were sold during the Birdchain ICO for next to nothing to investors, including Birdchain creators.

While you may be able to earn some Bird tokens and exchange them for real money on cryptocurrency exchanges (not a simple process), the real profit will always go to the hands of early investors, which is more or less a definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Cash4SMS rewards its users with direct cash payments, and users can immediately transfer them to their PayPal accounts and spend their money however they want.


Even though Birdchain and Cash4SMS are both cash reward apps for selling unused SMS messages, they differ a lot in terms of features. For starters, Birdchain’s SMS selling feature works only in Indonesia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, while Cash4SMS works almost all over the world, depending on the mobile carrier.

Birdchain app’s features
Birdchain app’s features

The Birdchain app contains a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you keep track of, hold, deposit, and withdraw your BIRD tokens, but it doesn’t let you exchange the tokens for real money. On the other hand, you can link the Cash4SMS app directly to your PayPal account and receive payouts in Euro.

Cash4SMS additionally displays detailed statistics so you always know exactly how much money you’ve earned. If you decide that you want to make even more, you can simply tell Cash4SMS exactly how much SMS messages you want to sell per day or per month.

Cash4SMS app’s features
Cash4SMS app’s features

Cash4SMS always stands behind its customers, allowing them to contact its customer support professionals via the app and have all questions answered within a day.


Both Birdchain and Cash4SMS explain their terms of service and privacy policy on the web. To provide payouts via PayPal, Cash4SMS needs to know the name, surname, phone number, date of birth, and country of each user.

Birdchain theoretically doesn’t need as much information as Cash4SMS because it doesn’t send users real money, but it still collects names, email addresses, telephone numbers, gender, dates of birth, interest, and locations.

Winner: Cash4sms

When it comes to making money, you want stability and ease of use. Cash4sms is a much simpler to use app that allows you to make money passively without much interaction on the end of the user. All you have to do is sit back and let the app do its thing. You can choose to sell your outgoing SMS, or just choose to receive SMS messages, and get paid for each message sent or received.

When it comes to getting paid, Cash4sms is the simpler option as well. Birdchain pays you in its own cryptocurrency, which can only be used in places where BIRD tokens are accepted. Unfortunately, you cannot exchange the BIRD tokens for real money without first transferring it to an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. Cash4sms, on the other hand, lets you earn actual currency and transfer it directly to your PayPal account.


There are many alternatives to Birdchain, but we have yet to find one that makes earning money on the side as effortless as Cash4sms. All you need to do is choose how many SMS messages you want to sell, and let Cash4sms take care of everything else, sending money directly to your PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Birdchain alternatives?

Cash4sms is the best Birdchain alternative. It is easy to use and lets you get paid to sell your unused SMS or receive SMS, and cash out directly to your PayPal account.

Is the Birdchain app legit?

The Birdchain app is legit, but it has its drawbacks. Birdchain only pays with a cryptocurrency and has been likened to a ponzi scheme by some.

How to earn money with SMS?

You can earn money with SMS using an app such as Cash4sms. You get paid to receive SMS messages, or even for selling your unused SMS messages.

Why can I get paid for SMS?

SMS service providers need to test their services for reliability and stability. An app like Cash4sms lets you get paid to receive test SMS messages or sell your unused SMS messages so they can be used to send test messages.