1. How can I start using your service?

You should download our Android App here. When done launch Cash4SMS App on your smartphone and complete the registration process following in-App instructions.

  1. What Android OS versions are supported by your App?

Currently we support all versions above 5.0

  1. Is your service available via Internet browser?

No. Cash4SMS is the mobile only service.

  1. Do you have iPhone App?

Unfortunately, due to iOS restrictions related to SMS sending Cash4SMS is available for Android devices only.

  1. Is your service available in my country and/or in my mobile network?

The best way to see if our service is supported you should download Cash4SMS App. During the registration process App will check if there is an access from your device to our service.

Cash4SMS does not guarantee an availability of our service from your mobile network even in cases when it was existed but has been lost after.

  1. How can I get information about SMS included in my mobile bundle/tariff plan?

Please contact your mobile operator for this kind of information.

  1. What kind of personal details should I provide to be registered with your App?

You should provide your name, surname, phone number, date of birth, country (it will be automatically recognized by the App), you will add your payment details in App Setting you will be asked for your PayPal ID.

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure that your name and surname provided during the initial registration process are fully match your PayPal account details.

  1. How many SMS can I send using your App?

Cash4SMS is limited by maximum of 1000 SMS per one mobile phone number of our user.

  1. Why your service is not accessible from my mobile number?

Currently Cash4SMS service is not accessible from all EU mobile operators. But we are constantly working to cover all of them.

If you are experiencing a loss of access and App is not sending SMS any more (i.e. you have been working successfully with our App during some period of time but unexpectedly an access has been lost) this may be due to changes in a global SMS routing. Hopefully it is a temporary issue. Please contact our Support Team and inform about the issue. We will do our best to help you. But a positive result is not guaranteed. Meanwhile our App will continue checking SMS access while you are logged in. As soon as a new access is found the App will inform you and you will be able to continue using the service.

  1. How can I get paid for SMS sent using your App?

Currently we support payouts via PayPal in Euro only. Please go to “Settings” menu of Cash4SMS App to link your PayPal account. When done Euro amount available on your Cash4SMS account will be included to a payout invoice.

  1. When a new payout invoice is generated?

Our billing system generates new payout invoices every 1st day of a calendar month

  1. When my payout invoice will be paid?

We pay all unpaid invoices on a 30th day from a date of their creation on a regular basis.

IMPORTANT!!! If on a date of the payout total amount of your unpaid invoices is below 5 Euro the payment will not be processed. We will process it on a next regular payout date as soon as the total amount will reach the minimum of 5 Euro.

  1. Why do I see multiple similar messages in Outbox of my standard SMS App?

More likely you see SMS generated my Cash4SMS App. You are free to delete them at any time.